Write a Story and get asked for you fingerprints and DNA by UF police

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According to this article on Boing Boing, a University of Florida English graduate students was asked to provide fingerprints and DNA after publishing a story involving a murder on his blog where he publishes his stories. The murder as well as his stories are fiction. To make the story even weirder, apparently this seems to be some kind a backlash for his use of his admin blocking priveleges on Wikipedia.

AT&T NSA Spying Evidence

May 22, 2006 · Posted in News - US, Politics · Comment 

Wired has acquired and decided to publish the evidence that is currently under Seal in the EFF vs AT&T lawsuit.

To see why they did it, please go here :


To see the evidence itself, please go here :


Etc : May 5 – 12

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It’s been about a week since I’ve updated my blog, so here are a bunch of things I’ve been thinking about this week, that didn’t quite make a blog entry of their own :

The RIAA/MPAA broadcast flags are once again making their rounds through congress. If you think that these flags will actually stop piracy and not just stifle innovation, you may want to read up on them or if you would like to take action, write you senators here.

The NSA is apparently going fishing, through your phone records, that is, with voluntary cooperation from some phone companies, You can read all about it here :
Washington Post
ABC News

There is also the story of a Ohio priest convicted of a 1980, Holy Saturday, murder of a Sister. Just generally sad all round. You can read about it here :


And finally, something a little less severe, I meant to put a link to the Stephen Colbert Roast of President Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner at Google Video but didn’t get around to it either, until now.

Feliz Weekend!

Help take a stand against the RIAA madness

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The EFF is putting together a petition to take to Congress that will hopefully help stem the RIAA lawsuit rampage. If you are interested in taking a look at the Petition and/or signing it, please go to :


If you are concerned about having your name shown on the internet, just check the “Do not display on website” box and your name will not be shown online but still available in the actual printed copy to be delivered to congress.

BTW, if you are interested, the latest person to be sued by RIAA was a dead Grandmother:

The Register Article 

Smithsonian sells U.S. History to Showtime

April 20, 2006 · Posted in News - US · Comment 

In an attempt to make money from its archives, the Smithsonian has signed an exclusive deal with Showtime Networks. This deals gives Showtime exclusive access to the Smithsonian film archives. All filmmakers wishing to use this “public domain” material must get the material through Showtime and create it through them or not use the material. The deal also restricts access to Smithsonian personnel for filmmakers. Yes this does look as bad as it sounds.
Read more here :
Washington Post
ABC News

On a “Dark Miracle”

April 7, 2006 · Posted in News - International, News - US, Tech - Hardware · Comment 

As seen on WilWheaton.net, Joshua Ellis, who is an independant journalist, went to the Trinity Test Site (the site of the first nuclear bomb test), this year to go take a look. The site is open to the public 2 days of every year. He describes what he saw in pictures and words, and has also given some historical context for it all. It is a good read and his article can be found here :


Please go take a look and feel free to leave some feedback.

Primetime : Racist Cabbie

March 23, 2006 · Posted in News - US · Comment 

Primetime rigged up a cab with cameras and hired two actors to play cab drivers. The “cab drivers” made racist remarks and the cameras recorded the passenger’s diverse reactions to the situation. It was a pretty good “soft” news show. An excerpt of the broadcast can be found on the ABC News site :


Good Job ABC!

Backpedal, quickly

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Robertson acknowledges the harshness of his Sharon statements (after Israel threatens to exclude him from a Christian heritage site). Here is the CNN Article.

Not down with 700

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I just don’t have the words, or rather I guess I do but it would probably get my blogged censored. I can say that the Jesus I grew up with and believe in would not be happy about anyone in pain. Meanwhile we have folks like this :
Pat Robertson on Sharon

It’s Tai Shan

October 18, 2005 · Posted in News - International, News - US · Comment 

The panda cub born to Mei Xiang at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. was finally named, Tai Shan, which translates to “peaceful mountain”. As a chinese tradition panda cubs are not named for the first 100 days because of their high mortality rate in captivity, delaying the naming of the cub is a way to “trick the fates” into letting the cub live longer. Anyways, here are the related CNN & MSNBC articles :


Comment online about your doctor … and get sued

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Apparently some doctors are suing patients for posting negative comments about them online. You can see the Wall Street Journal article here.

That first amendment thing is probably overrated anyway.

Just down the road and on the right

September 9, 2005 · Posted in News - International, News - US · Comment 

And so it begins, US going to take Iran’s WMD info to UN. See here.

Well, we already have all the equipment over there anyway…

Katrina & The Media

September 6, 2005 · Posted in News - US · Comment 

Is it just me or does it seem that the media has actually re-grown a spine? It just seems that even the normally “softball” reporters are taking out bats when they are interviewing government officials.

What does it mean to lose New Orleans?

September 6, 2005 · Posted in News - US · Comment 

One of my brothers emailed this to me. It’s a pretty good op-ed piece by Anne Rice in the New York Times :


(BTW, www.bugmenot.com is your friend)


September 2, 2005 · Posted in News - US · 1 Comment 

My thoughts & prayers go to the people of Louisiana & Mississippi.

My money goes to :

My anger goes toward the ineptness of the government to respond in a timely manner to this crisis.

FYI, Info on Tulane University :

More Wright is wrong

June 15, 2005 · Posted in News - US, Politics · 1 Comment 

Southwest brings Maryland One to Love field.

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