I think it might be snowing somewhere right now

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I’m recommending you read an article about Tulane from Fox News.

Contact the Tulane Board

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The March 15th-17th vote on the Tulane’s Bold University Renewal Plan (BURP) is coming up fast. If you are interested in contacting the Board about your thoughts on the plan to eliminate the School of Engineering please feel free to use their contact information here.

If you think New Orleans might need a few engineers now, please drop them a line.

Tulane Students Strive to Save Engineering

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From the New York Times & The Tech (MIT Newspaper) :
Tulane Students Strive to Save Engineering Majors – The Tech

Saving Tulane Engineering

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I just attempted to post this on Slashdot. I figured I would reproduce it here as another place to publicize this information. Below is my post :


A few day ago a story was posted about the Tulane School of Engineering becoming the latest victim of Hurricane Katrina. As an alum I was greatly saddenned by this but now a group of current students, faculty, and alums are attempting to bring the school back from the edge. The website they put together is savetulaneengineering.org and there is a also a petition available here.

If your are a Tulane Engineering Alum or an interested party, please go ahead and take a look. If this is the first you are hearing about this, you can take a look at Tulane’s drastic restructuring plan here. I figured I would post on /. because if it wasn’t for that previous article I would still be in the dark.