Wicked – The review

Well I made my way to Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas to see Wicked – The Musical last night. The musical is based on the book “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire who also happens to be releasing a sequel to the book, “Son of a Witch”.

Review for the fiance who was out of town on business and missed the performance : It was OK. Lots of hype, but still good, we’ll just catch it together next time.

Review for everybody else : It was really good. It deserves all the hype it is getting. The energy in the room was pretty high for a Wednesday night, as soon as the theatre lights started to dim the audience started to applaud enthusiastically. The singing, costumes, and sets were amazing. The plot was solid and not as loosely stitched together as some musicals where there is just enough plot to tie together the musical numbers. Think of the musical as watching deleted scenes from the “Wizard of Oz” strung together into their own storyline and whether or not you think such a thing would be good, it is. Definitely get a thumbs up.

Helpful tip : If it the traveling company is coming to your town, buy tickets very early. The entire stay is very sold out here in Dallas and so I looked in Houston to possibly give my fiance a chance to see it and it is also very sold out there as well. My guess is if you want to see it in New York, the same would apply there.

In summary, go find some tickets to Wicked, and have a good time.







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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    LoL! I love the separate review…and I’m happy so say that since I purchased tickets last Friday directly from the ticket box office, at the suggestion of my brilliant fiance, I get to experience the show myself tomorrow! Later Love 🙂