NANOWRIMO – I’ld like to buy a vowel

October 18, 2005 · Posted in Writing & Reading 

It’s almost that time of year again, yes in 13 days it will be November. November is a time for Turkey, at least one wedding I know of, and of course lots of inspiration and perspiration from writers. Novemeber is of course, National Novel Writing Month or NANOWRIMO for short. The goal of NANOWRIMO is to get people writing and also to get them to write a 50,000 word novel by the stroke of midnight on Novermber 30th. It does not have to be an awe inspiring, prize winning novel, it just needs to be complete. And a deadline is a great motivator.

Use this as an opportunity to write the “Great American Novel”.
(or at least an opportunity to write, even if you’re not American)

Some Obligatory links :

And my personal FAQ about NANOWRIMO :

Will you be participating this year?
Unfortunately, NO. Due to my wedding and Honeymoon I will be gone for a little over 50% of November and as wacky as 50,000 words in 30 days sounds, 50,000 in less than 15 days sounds like asking for a world of hurt. That being said, I will be writing the days I can. And you may think it is a lame excuse but it’s what I’ve got.

Have you ever participated?
No. The first time I found out about NANOWRIMO was the middle of last November. I found out about it through a friend’s blog as he was participating. I did use it as an opportunity to get off my butt and start writing and one of those writing outlets is this Blog (created mid November 2004, November 13th to be exact).

How about in 2006?
That is the plan.

Why should I participate?
– To say you did
– To have fun writing
– To potentially meet other people in your area writing their 50K words.
– To go to the “Thank God It’s Over” Party
– Why not participate?


One Response to “NANOWRIMO – I’ld like to buy a vowel”

  1. craig on October 19th, 2005 9:29 AM

    I really want to try it again, but I’m afraid I have too many school-related things to do instead. On the other hand, this will probably be my last chance for a while. blargh.