A must read : Dan Brown’s Statement for Lawsuit

March 26, 2006 · Posted in Writing & Reading 

You may or may not have heard of the lawsuit concerning possible “plagiarism” for for “The Davinci Code”. Here is a USA Today article on the suit (no pie charts included) :


What is really cool is that as part of this case Dan Brown went through and has written up how he puts together a novel as his witness statement. I think it’s very interesting to see the thought process and methods that he goes through. Dan Brown’s witness statement can be found at the London Times website here :


I’m pretty sure that this is not a publicity stunt. But coincidentally, “The Davinci Code” goes for sale in paperback form on Tuesday, and it is also the same day that the new book by Michael Baigent, the author suing Brown, comes out with a sequel to “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” (the allegedly plagiarised book), titled the “The Jesus Papers”.

Publicity stunt or not, read the “witness statement” if you’ve read Dan Brown’s books or are at all interested in writing.


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