Etc : July 6 – 13

It’s been a little hectic at work. But here are some snippets from around the “net”.

HeatSeek (link to the TechCrunch article)
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is now a secure browser (IE based) whose sole purpose it to enable you to handle porn easier. It also encrypts everything which makes it harder for junior to stumble upon (or deliberately find) the material on a shared computer. I guess it is what it is.

Windows Legacy
Microsoft ended support for Windows 98 this week, prompting several articles about how this will cause a steep rise of linux on these older boxes. Of course MS isn’t big on losing on any front, even legacy boxes, so they have announced Windows Fundamentals.

Congress & The Internet
Congress seems to be in a rush to do all kinds of things to the internet this week. Please check out the EFF Action Site.

Case in point, check out how Senator Ted Stevens (Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee) views the issue, with special “Daily Show” coverage :



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