It’s been busy and it’s a boy

January 16, 2007 · Posted in Misc 

To make a really long story short our baby boy Lucas was born a few days ago around 11:30am and about a month early.

Stats : 6.1 lbs and 18 inches length. Mom and baby are fine.

Mom delivered the baby by herself at home.

The slightly more verbose story :

My wife felt like she was coming down with the flu so I had stayed home in the morning to take care of her and finally went in to the office about 10:30 am.

She then proceeded to deliver the baby by herself around 11:30am but she did have an obstetrics nurse and the obstetrics receptionist on the phone with her at the time. They made her get off the phone with them and call 911 when they heard the baby cry.

11:30am the doctors office called my cell and told me to head to the hospital as my ever surprising wife had just delivered the baby at home by herself.

Paramedics arrived around 11:35 through our now slightly splintered front door. She had offered to open the door for them but was yelled to not move by the 7 firemen and the 911 operator. The firemen at this point took this as a cue to hurry their effort to break down the door.

Dad arrived at the hospital and let the labor & delivery nurses know what was going on. The nurses started making phone calls to our doctor’s office and other hospitals because no one had told them anything yet and they thought I was just a very confused dad who went to the wrong hospital. Eventually baby, mom, dad and lots of nurses who kept saying they now had a pretty good story were united and everyone is doing great.

Here is a pic of the little one:


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  1. craig on January 17th, 2007 7:19 AM

    wow, he’s beautiful.. congratulations!!