Essential Firefox Add-Ons

A blog-less friend of mine put together this list of his favorite Firefox add-ons and thought it would be a good complement to my “Essential Windows Software” post from last year. I am posting it here as a good little bit of useful info with his permission. Now I need to go try these out.


1-ClickWeather (5-day forecast as a toolbar with extended info as tooltips and regional radar button)

Adblock Plus (blocks ads, auto-updates, works very well)
Works well with its internal subscription links, recommends avoiding “filterset G” from the Firefox addon pages.
Ad database subscriptions I use are:
—EasyList (USA)
—EasyElement (works with next item – Element Hiding Helper)
—ABP Tracking Filter

Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper (an add-on to an add-on! I can’t tell if it helps, but at least it doesn’t crash)

ColorfulTabs (randomly colored tabs, or colors derived from hashing the URL)

CookieSafe (better control than normal built-in cookie options)

Download Statusbar (download-o-meters as a little status bar. Nifty!)

FireFTP (good little FTP client for the Firefox Tools menu)

Fission (Safari-style progress bar along the address bar. Looks nice but you have to fix the color.)

FoxLingo (translates all languages to all others through various sites… seems to work about as well as babelfish)

Resurrect Pages (finds archived versions of dead web pages — works very well!)

SafeCache (keep sites from checking for other sites’ cached info – paranoia is good!)

Shazou (WHOIS info with popup map) (generate temp email addresses and lets you send back email verification)

Stumble Upon (nice Find-A-Cool-Site thing, can share a toolbar with 1-click weather)

Video Downloader (lets you save vids from YouTube, Google Video, etc)