Etc: October 14

So I’ve been doing at alot of traveling and running about and the site has gotten a little neglected. But here are a few things to keep you guys entertained:

Flight Aware:
Ever want to really know where your flight is, not the airline’s “update” but the actual real location of the plane (6 minutes delayed). Try Flight Aware:

Ever want some “Cool Software“, well Intel has decided that they want to apply the Digg model to software apps. Go take a look:

For you intellectual reader types, if you’ve ever needed to track down a book, magazine article, journal, music, etc … You can now search all your local (participating) libraries from the comfort of your own home using WorldCat. Type in the search and it will show you the nearest library that has the resource. The site is:
And here is a direct link to their browser extension page:

While I’m talking about readers, Discworld is a series of books I have heard much about but never had a chance to read any of the series. But I stumbled upon a guide on how the 30+ book interrelate and a loosely coupled reading order (at the very least it’s literally a nice big picture) if I ever get a chance. Check out the guide here:

I’m not sure how they get away with this but here is a MickyDees video game which I am pretty sure is not sanctioned by the actual corporation. Ever want to run the empire:
(Actually I guess this is that whole satire use of trademarks thing … although I’m not a lawyer. )

And finally if you have ever wanted to make one of those still picture talking image things, similar to what Conan does on his talk show … at least I think it’s Conan’s show… Blabberize is here to fill that need for you. Go ahead and make one, you know you want to:







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  1. Heuristics Inc. Avatar

    Hey, I totally recommend Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. He’s my favorite author. So don’t dilly-dally, just get one from the library!

    The reading order diagram you linked to is nice. I’ll save that link for M, definitely.