Saving Tulane Engineering

December 11, 2005 · Posted in Tulane 

I just attempted to post this on Slashdot. I figured I would reproduce it here as another place to publicize this information. Below is my post :


A few day ago a story was posted about the Tulane School of Engineering becoming the latest victim of Hurricane Katrina. As an alum I was greatly saddenned by this but now a group of current students, faculty, and alums are attempting to bring the school back from the edge. The website they put together is and there is a also a petition available here.

If your are a Tulane Engineering Alum or an interested party, please go ahead and take a look. If this is the first you are hearing about this, you can take a look at Tulane’s drastic restructuring plan here. I figured I would post on /. because if it wasn’t for that previous article I would still be in the dark.


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