Revenge of the Sith

May 21, 2005 · Posted in At the Movies ... · 1 Comment 

It gets a Thumbs up!

I think it is the best of Star Wars first three episodes. I won’t say more for fear of giving anything away. What the heck, I’ll give away the ending :

Anakin Skywalker = Darth Vader

Napoleon Dynamite

March 28, 2005 · Posted in At the Movies ..., I'm such a geek, Quiz · 2 Comments 

See the movie, which is great and has no sex or foul language. Then take the quiz, here are my results :

You are Tater Tots. Go get your own!!

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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To Hell and Back

February 23, 2005 · Posted in At the Movies ... · Comments Off on To Hell and Back 

If you haven’t seen the movie Constantine, I highly recommend it. After being let down by several comic based movies recently, it was nice to see one that proved to be fun and have a plot. It was something that I haven’t quite gotten since the Spiderman movies … mind you it is not as good as Spiderman but still worth seeing in the theaters.

Without giving out the plot too much, think of it as Sam Spade goes to hell and back. And not once in the movie did I expect a Keanu “Whoa” …

Constantine get a Thumbs up!

National Treasure

November 20, 2004 · Posted in At the Movies ... · Comments Off on National Treasure 

I had the opportunity to go see “National Treasure” this afternoon. It was pretty good and better than I expected. It was not quite “Pirates of the Carribean” good, though but entertaining nonetheless. It was good to see Nicholas Cage do a good job as the intrepid treasure hunter. Justin Bartha makes for a really good sidekick. And Diane Kruger makes a really good “the girl to be gotten”.

The Good : A lot of fun overall. Justin Bartha’s comic relief.

The Bad : A couple of potential plot holes but these can be easily overcome if you decide going into the movie to suspend disbelief.

This movie gets a thumbs up.

Once you’ve seen the movie its kinda neat to actually see these search results.

I’ve been Saved!

November 14, 2004 · Posted in At the Movies ... · 4 Comments 

Well it was a cold, drizzly, and dreary day in Dallas. It was a good day to sit around do not much of anything. So not much of anything managed eat up a good chunk of the day.

Of course you probably want to hear about something a little more exciting than my extensive use of Tivo and the Comedy Central “Top 100 Stand-Up Comics” countdown. So … I did happen to have a chance last night to finally watch “Saved!” which was pretty funny. Jena Malone did a really good job and Macaulay Culkin proved yet again that he’s more than just the kid from the “Home Alone” movies. The movie was not nearly as blasphemous as the theatrical trailer would lead you to believe. The storyline was sound and although, at times, it was definitely in “caricature mode”, the movie does make some very good points. It gets a thumbs up from me with a “your conservative Great Aunt Judith wouldn’t approve” rider.

Also, while it still fresh in my mind, I must say that “Bad Santa” is a downer. At times it can be funny … but it coupled with Friday’s “Joan of Arcadia” episode (great show, btw) did not make for a very feel good night.

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