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  • A few extra “Mortal Combat” Phrases from the Announcer

    (100% flash so may not render well in RSS readers):

  • You down with LHC?

    Be afraid:

  • I built myself a new toy (computer, that is)..

    So I finally decided to do a complete computer makeover and now enjoy the wonders of PCI-E vs AGP land. Here are the results of this endeavor (Newegg links but actually mostly purchased @Fry’s Eectronics): Antec P180 (Silver) Case MSI P45 Neo3-FR Motherboard Core 2 Duo E8400 Diamond Radeon HD 4850 Kingston 4GB (2 x […]

  • 64-bit is the new 32-bit (AMD64 Ubuntu Install)

    Never one to be satisfied with a boring working OS, I decided that since 32-bit Ubuntu “just worked” I would attempt to install 64-bit Ubuntu. Installation and hardware recognition went just as smoothly as with 32-bit Ubuntu. And my first impression of 64-bit Ubuntu is that is appears to be a little “snappier” than 32-bit […]

  • Ubuntu – it just works

    Well I finally blew away and reinstalled Ubuntu from scratch and I am now a much happier camper. I had done an upgrade from 7.10 -> 8.04 alpha -> 8.04 final release and my video driver was not in a happy place (could not use the restricted driver at all and any attempt to enable […]

  • The People’s Mario

    Saw this on Wil Wheaton’s blog. Apparently at one point there was a rumor that Super Mario Brothers had a “communist agenda”. You can find the … err… proof here: So all of that reading just to setup this animation of how the game would have actually played if it were true:

  • I like Crayons …

    When I grow up I want to be able to play this game, actually, I want it now: Here is a link to the game’s site, unfortunately it is still under development:

  • A Great Bioshock review

    I have not bought Bioshock yet as I need to find some time to play as well as perform a computer upgrade in order to play it. But I hope to get to it “soon”. But in the meantime I really enjoyed this review of it which I am blatantly borrowing the linkage from a […]

  • Etc : March 1 – 18

    Babies take a lot of time … so here is a reader’s digest version of a post: If you have an old Xbox lying around collecting dust, you may want to take a look here at an interesting project you can undertake relatively painlessly: How to Go from Xbox to Xbox Media Center in 30 […]

  • Network interface mystery

    I did something yesterday I hadn’t done in a while, I rebooted my Gentoo Linux box. I use it for samba shares/backups, DNS & DHCP (using dnsmasq), and it also does a good job of protein folding in its spare time(Foldingathome). I have also been extremely good about keeping the system up to date using […]

  • Essential Windows Software

    As I’m probably going to be building a computer in the near future as a gift, I figured I would go ahead and share what I consider to be the essential free software to add to a fresh windows installation. You may disagree but here it is : Documents : FoxIt Reader – Faster than […]

  • Diet Coke & Mentos

    Is there anthing those two things can’t do? From the wacky folks at, please enjoy!

  • Google : Calendar

    Looks like Google launched their online calendar program this evening. Seems pretty spiffy. You can find it at : Quick Feature Rundown : Imports  from: Microsoft Outlook Yahoo! Calendar Apple iCal Notifications : Email Pop-up, if app is open SMS, text message General : You can create multiple calendars You can share a calendar […]

  • Phosphor : A FPS In your browser

    As seen on, ever want to play a first person shooter, in your browser. Well some one has coded up a 7MB shockwave execcutable and yes it does include multiplayer among other features. Take a look over at :

  • Harry Potter’s Car has been stolen

    The “Flying” Ford Anglia from the Harry Potter movies has been stolen off of the studio lot. Here is the article : Reuters BTW, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire opens on 11/18.

  • Noooooooooooo!

    Seen on : If rumors are to be believed the new Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith DVD contains a hidden Easter egg of Yoda getting funky to “The Roots – Don’t Say Nuthin“. (Lyrics) The Easter egg, if real, has leaked onto the internet and can be found : Here and Here […]