This one hits a little too close to home

April 10, 2008 · Posted in, Twitter · Comments Off on This one hits a little too close to home 

The sad but true blog commentary:

Direct link to original:

Maybe I should have just twittered about this… 🙂

It’s just like it was, except completely different

April 5, 2008 · Posted in · Comments Off on It’s just like it was, except completely different 

So I finally got around to widgetizing this site today. So even though the sidebars looks exactly as they did this morning they are now wordpress widgets instead of actual edits to the underlying template. This will allow netfarious to not be tied a particular template as well as hopefully stop me from having decipher why the latest WordPress update has borked the site. While I was at it I updated several plug-ins and even added a few for some behind the scene supporting roles.

The other big behind the scenes change is that the site search is now Google and its all “ajaxy” instead of the built-in search.

If you see a problem on the site please drop me a line or leave a comment.

The management

Site Tweaked – Everything is fine (?)

August 12, 2007 · Posted in · Comments Off on Site Tweaked – Everything is fine (?) 

I updated WordPress as well as several of the plug-ins used on this site. Everything should be working correctly … but if it isn’t please let me know.

Happy Sunday!

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Update: Had to use the “nuclear option” to get the rss feed back up and running. Please let me know of any other issues

Site upgrade

August 1, 2006 · Posted in · Comments Off on Site upgrade 

WordPress has been upgraded, if you notice anything strange, please let me know.

I’m popular … with spammers

June 14, 2006 · Posted in · Comments Off on I’m popular … with spammers 

Just installed the WordPress plug-in “Bad Behavior” to help combat this (it’s contact form spam, not comment). If you are getting HTTP 412 errors on one of your browsers and you are not spamming, please leave a comment.  Thanks!

New look, same blog

June 8, 2006 · Posted in · Comments Off on New look, same blog 

Netfarious is getting an updated look. Please let me know what you think. Right now it is mostly a basic “Tiga” theme for WordPress 2.0.

Also I am officially stopping the simultaneous update of my blogspot account, so be sure to update your RSS aggregator to point to the feed. It was just getting to be a pain to write an entry and then have to re-edit it everytime for blogspot. (That should also help with my blogging frequency.)

All of this is in preparation for a WordPress upgrade which should hopefully be seamless, once I get all of these cosmetic changes down.

Enjoy and definitely let me know what you think.

Edit : Removed the Contact form as it seemed to do weird things to bloglines subscribers. Please let me know if this fixes the problems with this post. Thanks!