Category: News of the Weird

  • Moving Money

    Sometimes a dime is worth 10 cents, other times it is worth $1.9 million and needs to be transported across the country. This is the story of the latter, as published in the San Francisco Chronicle. Enjoy!

  • Silicon Valley Pioneer Hitchikers

    It’s an art project and a history lesson! It’s GPS/Cellphone equipped cutouts of Silicon Valley pioneers hitchiking across the country! To read more about this project and see the cutout GPS locations and travelogue go here : Sun Microsystems also got in on the action as HP didn’t seem to want to care for […]

  • Disney claims copyright on headstone

    From Boing Boing : Disney threatened to sue a headstone carver for copyright infringement of Pooh for a stillborn infant’s grave, but changes mind after bad publicity starts. More: United Press International Telegraph

  • Cat Reality TV Show : Meow Mix House

    For the next 10 days, 10 cats will be will be participating in a reality TV Show called “Meow Mix House” to be seen on Animal Planet. As each cat is voted off the show, they will be adopted into a permanent home. Maybe the reality tv show phenomenon has officially jumped the shark. More […]

  • Write a Story and get asked for you fingerprints and DNA by UF police

    According to this article on Boing Boing, a University of Florida English graduate students was asked to provide fingerprints and DNA after publishing a story involving a murder on his blog where he publishes his stories. The murder as well as his stories are fiction. To make the story even weirder, apparently this seems to […]

  • The end times

    What happens when a world is about to be destroyed. This article over at Wired takes a look at the virtual world of Asheron’s Call 2 whose servers will be shut down on Dec 30th. Take a look at the article here.

  • Nintendo … gone wild

    As seen on digg. Here is a link for a Nintendo micro ad that for some reason isn’t being shown in the US. Enjoy!

  • Harry Potter’s Car has been stolen

    The “Flying” Ford Anglia from the Harry Potter movies has been stolen off of the studio lot. Here is the article : Reuters BTW, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire opens on 11/18.

  • Mind your W’s and Q’s

    In Turkey, 20 Kurds were fined for carrying signs (written in Kurdish) that contained the letters W & Q at a Kurdish New Year celebration. Those letters are not part of the Turkish alphabet and their use is illegal. The Turkish alphabet has all of the letters in the English alphabet except “q”, “w”, and […]

  • Comment online about your doctor … and get sued

    Apparently some doctors are suing patients for posting negative comments about them online. You can see the Wall Street Journal article here. That first amendment thing is probably overrated anyway.

  • Cellphones, or things that make you go SHHH

    Engadget is reporting that the Society for Handheld Hushing, or SHHH, have a pdf available to help combat the next cell phone conversation you overhear in those inapropriate places and times. The notes aren’t necessarily as “reasonably polite” as they claim, but they do get the point across for even the most dense invidual.

  • Virgin Mobile finds niche market

    I got this link from “The Really not Anon Girl in A. Town”. Apparently if you have issues controlling the urge to call your ex when you are a little drunk … Virgin Mobile has come to your rescue with this special service. All I can say … Australia must be an interesting place to […]

  • I’ve been schooled…

    Yes folks, I have apparently been unaware of all the nuances of calling shotgun. You may remember doing this as kids … or if you are like some of us, still do this to this day. So here are the official rules for calling “Shotgun“.

  • Now I know where my missing socks went

    Apparently Atlantis has been found … again . There is still much skepticism about the find … worst case it will give those wearing aluminum foil hats fear of an impending sea attack.