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  • I built myself a new toy (computer, that is)..

    So I finally decided to do a complete computer makeover and now enjoy the wonders of PCI-E vs AGP land. Here are the results of this endeavor (Newegg links but actually mostly purchased @Fry’s Eectronics): Antec P180 (Silver) Case MSI P45 Neo3-FR Motherboard Core 2 Duo E8400 Diamond Radeon HD 4850 Kingston 4GB (2 x […]

  • MPAA wants to control your TV, and stereo, and DVR

    MPAA’s SOC or Selectable Output Control permanent waiver request is complicated and probbably best described with pretty pictures like this video: Here are some nice write-ups: Public Knowledge EFF

  • Old computing habits die hard …

    I upgraded my system so that I could continue to play Oblivion with lots more of the eye candy turned up and perhaps even dabble in Bioshock but I still have a motherboard with (gasp) AGP. Yes, although I do have an Intel Core 2 Duo, I am still “kicking it old school” in the […]

  • Bulk Chemicals, Pre-paid phone cards, Food & More

    The title really hasn’t got much to do with this post except that I saw this on a “market” on the way to the hotel I’m currently staying at for a business trip in Jamaica. This one of those “etc” posts so I figure it would be a good title since there will be a […]

  • Etc : March 1 – 18

    Babies take a lot of time … so here is a reader’s digest version of a post: If you have an old Xbox lying around collecting dust, you may want to take a look here at an interesting project you can undertake relatively painlessly: How to Go from Xbox to Xbox Media Center in 30 […]

  • Dell Ideastorm

    Michael Dell opened a new website : It’s a place for folks to give ideas and feedback to Dell. The ideas are voted on, and those with more votes get more attention from the Dell folks. The highest voted ideas don’t necessarily get implemented but they do get the most attention from the Dell […]

  • Silicon Valley Pioneer Hitchikers

    It’s an art project and a history lesson! It’s GPS/Cellphone equipped cutouts of Silicon Valley pioneers hitchiking across the country! To read more about this project and see the cutout GPS locations and travelogue go here : Sun Microsystems also got in on the action as HP didn’t seem to want to care for […]

  • On a “Dark Miracle”

    As seen on, Joshua Ellis, who is an independant journalist, went to the Trinity Test Site (the site of the first nuclear bomb test), this year to go take a look. The site is open to the public 2 days of every year. He describes what he saw in pictures and words, and has […]

  • Nintendo … gone wild

    As seen on digg. Here is a link for a Nintendo micro ad that for some reason isn’t being shown in the US. Enjoy!

  • How the Death Star Works

    Saw this link on : A nice article by the “HowStuffWorks” gang on the workings of your favorite planet detroying space station : How the Death Star Works On it use, Obi-Wan Kenobi a former member of the Jedi Council says : “A great disturbance in the Force. It was like a million voices […]

  • RIP : Turbolink Switching Power Supply

    Well to make a long story short. If you add a new spare drive (for backing up other systems on the network, for example) to an older system you may want to be sure that the power supply has enough enough wattage (which it did), unfortunately that didn’t stop my linux box’s power supply from […]

  • High school robotics team beats college students but still wants to go to college

    Might be old news, but maybe not. Check out this Wired article. These kids from a high school beat out several colleges, including MIT, at an underwater robotics competition. Its a story about underdogs, college, and Hooters. One other side of the story is that since they are undocumented, they have little chance of going […]

  • Living in a DRM land …

    Well my computer hard disk died and among other things that I didn’t have backups for was my mp3 music collection. Luckily my music was on my iPod so I thought cool … I won’t have to re-feed my CDs to my computer. After installing XP and iTunes I learned the truth, there is no […]

  • Waving the Flag

    As I’m sure you are aware the FCC is mandating that all new TV receivers process a Broadcast flag starting on July 1, 2005 (just 3 days before Independence day). Why should you care? The broadcast flag, as a side-effect, limits what you can or can’t record, or if interpreted “nicely” will let you record […]

  • Man builds Giant Robot to defend Home

    OK … maybe that title is a little far fetched, but according to this article on Engadget and the original link from CNET News, a man in Alaska is building a Giant Robot/Exoskeleton in his backyard. He plans to be finished by next summer and then plans to go to the local racetrack and test […]

  • Cellphones, or things that make you go SHHH

    Engadget is reporting that the Society for Handheld Hushing, or SHHH, have a pdf available to help combat the next cell phone conversation you overhear in those inapropriate places and times. The notes aren’t necessarily as “reasonably polite” as they claim, but they do get the point across for even the most dense invidual.