RIP : Turbolink Switching Power Supply

April 21, 2005 · Posted in Tech - Hardware 

Well to make a long story short. If you add a new spare drive (for backing up other systems on the network, for example) to an older system you may want to be sure that the power supply has enough enough wattage (which it did), unfortunately that didn’t stop my linux box’s power supply from giving up the ghost. I guess it was manufactured 12/2001 and probably adding a new energy sucking hard drive did not help it in its golden years but it did make for some drama before going in to work this morning. …

Such is life.

Well before it gave up the ghost I also heard the system drive starting to sing … a trip to FRY’s for a new main system drive and power supply later everything is up and running. For replicating a drive the “dd” utility has become my newest favorite *nux tool. Here is the link I found really useful in this endeavor if you ever find yourself in the same situation.


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