Old computing habits die hard …

February 26, 2008 · Posted in Tech - Hardware 

I upgraded my system so that I could continue to play Oblivion with lots more of the eye candy turned up and perhaps even dabble in Bioshock but I still have a motherboard with (gasp) AGP. Yes, although I do have an Intel Core 2 Duo, I am still “kicking it old school” in the graphics department. Luckily for me and the other folks still otherwise happy with their AGP computing experience there is a new AGP graphics savior compelling you to spend money if you want to extend its gaming life a little longer:

The Sapphire ATI HD Radeon 3850 AGP 8x 512MB

This little card will not break any speed records when compared to the high end in the land of milk & honey … err … PCI-E but to those of us still holding out in AGP land it is the fastest graphics available. So far it is noticeably faster and quieter than my EVGA NVIDIA 7800GS OC and even seems to handle powering down for sleep mode well. For actual benchmarks please take a look here:

Oh wait … you can’t because I can’t find any online magazines that actually have a review out on this card because I guess they are all latte’ drinking AGP haters (my apologies to any latte’ drinking AGP lovers).

In summary if you’re still loving your AGP, give this card a try (although make sure your PSU still has some oomph left in it)…


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