Ubuntu & Citicards.com

Well my windows install started to act up again so I decided to free up some space on a partition and try out the latest Ubuntu that everyone seems to be going ga-ga over. I do have to say that I was was very pleasantly suprised at how easy the desktop just worked, as it’s been a while since I’ve used linux as a non-server …

I did find one thing that was annoying, but it wasn’t Ubuntu’s fault. If you have a citicard and login to manage your account online with firefox on linux for some reason the web page loads and then immediately disappears. After googling this it appears that that the problem stems from some kind of anomaly between the flash on the site and the Adobe flash player for linux. Some site suggest disabling and re-enabling javascript after you login but what I found that worked is if you use the Adblock plugin and create filters for:


After that you will immediately be in business. By the way if you run into this problem, please send them a note in the “Contact Us” section so that they may actually fix this sometime in the near future or maybe look into officially supporting linux.

Good Luck!