You down with LHC?

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Be afraid:

It’s Joss Whedon, and It’s “Dr. Horrible”

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A musical about a super-hero and a super-villain brought to you by Joss Whedon and comprised of 3 10-minute-ish acts, available on July 15, 17, and 19 and disappearing from the web on July 20th. I guess there are some good side effects to last year’s writer’s strike.

Episodes available:


Teaser from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

I know some cool people …

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Dancing with the Stars, eat your heart out:

Rockin’ Out in the Caribbean

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I’m in the Caribbean again for work and apparently there are only so many days that you listen to resort cover bands, and 14 is way past my limit. So I was very happy to find this post on Wil Wheaton’s site for a very cool LA HD radio station which is also online:

KROQ – The ROQ of the 80s


I’ve actually decided that there are big holes in my iPod selections that need to be filled after listening.

Jonathan Coulton Rocks!

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I was introduced to this guy via TWIT 133. If you like “They Might Be Giants” you’ll like his music. If you finished Valve’s The Orange Box:Portal you are most likely already a fan.

Here is a “music video” someone threw together of one of his popular songs, “Code Monkey”:

Jonathan Coulton’s home page is here. Why don’t you head over there, listen to some songs, and maybe buy a non-DRM’s mp3 or even a CD or 3.

360 D Radio Dallas

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A friend of mine has started producing a podcast that covers the local R&B and Hip-Hop scene here in Dallas, TX. Each show is about an hour long and includes much local music as well as some good old fashioned radio “topical” banter.

The show is pretty good and is getting better with each successive podcast so without much further ado why don’t you just go and check it out :

I am told that the Web Front is still very much under construction but it seems pretty functional as-is to me.

The podcast can also be subscribed to via iTunes just search for “360 D Radio Dallas” in the podcast section of the iTunes store. Or just click here.


A little Radio, A little NFL

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Seems like the new law that effectively makes internet radio stations pay more than their terrestrial counterparts for music has also had an ill effect on National Public Radio. NPR has now “released the hounds”:
NPR fights back, seeks rehearing on Internet radio royalty increases

The NFL seems to have gone a little DCMA happy, and seem to have violated the DCMA themselves:
NFL fumbles DMCA takedown battle, could face sanctions

Tango Fu

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Very cool. Here is a video of a friend’s dance coach :

Dance, Dance, Evolution

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I seem to be on a YouTube kick recently. Saw this video over the weekend and thought it was pretty funny. So here it is, the “Evolution of Dance” :

Happy Mornings

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I really like this Folgers ad :

Net Neutrality : God Save the Internet

June 14, 2006 · Posted in Music, Politics · Comments Off on Net Neutrality : God Save the Internet has officially introduced us to “The BroadBand” a group of 3 singer/songwriters who have composed a song which is titled “God Save the Internet”. So head on over listen and download the song, and then take a few minutes to look through the site and tell your congressman your views on this issue.

Recent Net Neutrality News :

A musician to check out – Luthea Salom

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You may want to check out “Luthea Salom”, no relation, at least that I know of at this time. Salom is the equivalent of Smith on Mallorca. Stumbled onto her site as I was looking at some of the statistics for this blog. You can check out her music on her site : Can’t hurt to refer to her even if not related, its not bad, pretty good in fact.


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Seen on :
If rumors are to be believed the new Star Wars : Revenge of the Sith DVD contains a hidden Easter egg of Yoda getting funky to “The Roots – Don’t Say Nuthin“. (Lyrics)

The Easter egg, if real, has leaked onto the internet and can be found :
Here and Here

I still haven’t gone out to buy this DVD and I’m not sure if this is a motivator. (Although Episode III was definately better than The Phantom Menace and The Clone Wars as a whole.)

Wicked – The review

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Well I made my way to Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas to see Wicked – The Musical last night. The musical is based on the book “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire who also happens to be releasing a sequel to the book, “Son of a Witch”.

Review for the fiance who was out of town on business and missed the performance : It was OK. Lots of hype, but still good, we’ll just catch it together next time.

Review for everybody else : It was really good. It deserves all the hype it is getting. The energy in the room was pretty high for a Wednesday night, as soon as the theatre lights started to dim the audience started to applaud enthusiastically. The singing, costumes, and sets were amazing. The plot was solid and not as loosely stitched together as some musicals where there is just enough plot to tie together the musical numbers. Think of the musical as watching deleted scenes from the “Wizard of Oz” strung together into their own storyline and whether or not you think such a thing would be good, it is. Definitely get a thumbs up.

Helpful tip : If it the traveling company is coming to your town, buy tickets very early. The entire stay is very sold out here in Dallas and so I looked in Houston to possibly give my fiance a chance to see it and it is also very sold out there as well. My guess is if you want to see it in New York, the same would apply there.

In summary, go find some tickets to Wicked, and have a good time.

Good thing, Bad thing

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Sometimes planning a wedding can be stressful so today :

Good Thing : I surprised my fiance by finding tickets to take her to go see Wicked – The Musical!

Bad Thing : She is leaving town a few hours before the show is scheduled to start for buisiness and the tickets are not refundable. And she had apparently just recently reminded me of that fact.

The doghouse can be such a cold place …

Living in a DRM land …

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Well my computer hard disk died and among other things that I didn’t have backups for was my mp3 music collection. Luckily my music was on my iPod so I thought cool … I won’t have to re-feed my CDs to my computer. After installing XP and iTunes I learned the truth, there is no Apple sanctioned way to get the music back off of the Ipod. So if you re-associate it with your new iTunes install it will basically take over the iPod and load the new library … erasing the “foreign” library in the process.

Luckily by harnessing the power of my search engine I was soon able to find a neat utility called iPod Agent that helped me copy my music library back onto my harddrive (among other neat things it does). Although it was slow to pull off the several Gigs of MP3s via USB it was able to do so without me having to intervene, unlike I would have if I had to manually feed it CDs to re-create the library.

So this leads me to wonder about the not so distant future where the “DRM bit” would have been set on the usb connection and I would have been out of luck, cursing the record labels, and the hardware manufacturers for the better part of a weekend.

Well, here’s to hoping that my pessimism is just that …