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  • Hire me!

    I have fallen victim to a round of “force reduction” and am now actively working on finding work. To that end I added an html and slightly sanitized version of my resume to the site. It is located at: Please take a look especially if you need an Integration/Telecom engineer with a Defense background. […]

  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! Feliz Ano Nuevo! I was torn on how to write up this post. I was thinking of making a list of 2008 in review or maybe a list of resolutions for next year but I threw all those ideas out and just want to say 2 things: I wish you and yours […]

  • Testing Google Docs

    I figured I would test out the ability of Google Docs to post to a Blog. It seemed fairly simple to setup the blog settings under the fairly self explanatory “blog settings” in the Google Docs “Settings” area. So anyway, I guess if you are reading this is more of a test of a post, […]

  • I know some cool people …

    Dancing with the Stars, eat your heart out:

  • Bulk Chemicals, Pre-paid phone cards, Food & More

    The title really hasn’t got much to do with this post except that I saw this on a “market” on the way to the hotel I’m currently staying at for a business trip in Jamaica. This one of those “etc” posts so I figure it would be a good title since there will be a […]

  • Happy New Christmakwanakah!

    Since this is my first post of 2008, Happy New Year! I got back form my business travel exploits in just enough time for Christmas and then had a hectic New year followed by a birthday party for a 1 year old. Now that I have enough time to breathe, I am heading back out […]

  • Time flies

    Well I’ve been out of the country, busy, and sick so ye olde blog here has not been getting much attention. Here are a couple of shiny things I have come across though. A fair(y) use tale – A fair-use copyright primer made mostly out of disney clips: As Yoda would say – “Begun the […]

  • Happy Easter! (Twice)

    Well I’m in Japan again for work related activities. I got here yesterday on Easter Day but it was still Saturday back at home so I’ve spent a good part of this Monday Morning/Sunday Afternoon wishing folks back home a Happy Easter…. So Happy Easter! Other than the freak snowstorn (i.e. snow flurries) we had […]

  • Etc : March 1 – 18

    Babies take a lot of time … so here is a reader’s digest version of a post: If you have an old Xbox lying around collecting dust, you may want to take a look here at an interesting project you can undertake relatively painlessly: How to Go from Xbox to Xbox Media Center in 30 […]

  • NFL sick lawyers on church Bowl party

    Apparently using the word Super near another word is also considered bad by them. And using a screen bigger than 55″ to view such an event at a gathering is considered bad because “the law limits it to one TV no bigger than 55 inches.” Here is the story.

  • It’s been busy and it’s a boy

    To make a really long story short our baby boy Lucas was born a few days ago around 11:30am and about a month early. Stats : 6.1 lbs and 18 inches length. Mom and baby are fine. Mom delivered the baby by herself at home. The slightly more verbose story : My wife felt like […]

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Heading to the airport shortly. Just thought I would wish everyone a great day and hope there is much turkey to be had.

  • Heading back the States

    Well I have been in Germany for about two weeks and it is finally time to head home. I must say that 80’s American music is very alive and well in Germany. The playlist at the Hotel bar reminded of “The Goldmine”, which was where children of the 80’s went when they attended one of […]

  • Much “Bully”hoo about nothing

    After much hub-bub, lawsuits, injunctions, and school district bannings about a game not even remotely released yet, it seems that Rockstar’s Bully is actually a not the GTA-esque game all of its critics thought it would be. Here is the in-depth wired article :,71922-0.html?tw=wn_index_2 I wonder if there is a lesson in here somewhere…. […]

  • Random Art with Kaleidoscope eyes

    Don’t remember where I originally saw the link for this but it is a pretty neat little piece of interactive flash Kaleidoscope art. Enjoy : LineTo experimental by ~Volcanic-Penguin on deviantART

  • Right after: A New Hope

    I believe this originally aired on Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network :