Time flies

Well I’ve been out of the country, busy, and sick so ye olde blog here has not been getting much attention.

Here are a couple of shiny things I have come across though.

A fair(y) use tale – A fair-use copyright primer made mostly out of disney clips:

As Yoda would say – “Begun the Microsoft-Linux Fud wars have” :
You can find the latest here on Infoworld. For the long drawn out discussion concerning the current MS vs Open Source issues and their mutually assured destruction if one would litigate after the other please check out groklaw or perhaps slashdot.

APC interview with the CEO of Mozilla on the future of Firefox.

Teaching kids in grammar school how to program using scratch, a language developed by MIT for kids.

And what my wife and I have to look forward to when we take the little one to the happiest place on earth. (very funny)




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