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  • Maybe they should pass a bill soon?

    A clip from the Thursday 2/5 daily show concerning the currently debated stimulus bill: The Daily Show With Jon StewartM – Th 11p / 10c Clusterf#@k to the Poor House – Economic Recovery Plan Daily Show Full EpisodesImportant Things With Demetri Martin Funny Political NewsJoke of the Day Here is friday’s related news: Update: […]

  • SNL does the VP debate

    Finally got around to watching SNL’s very funny take on the VP debate:

  • McCain camp takes a pot shot at Dungeon & Dragons Players

    Huh?!? Well that was my first reaction, too. Apparently McCain dislikes the New York Times, especially some of the articles that have been recently written about him. His campaign has decided to start comparing the Times’ editors to Dungeon & Dragon players who apparently all live in their mom’s basement. Shouldn’t they be talking about […]

  • MPAA wants to control your TV, and stereo, and DVR

    MPAA’s SOC or Selectable Output Control permanent waiver request is complicated and probbably best described with pretty pictures like this video: Here are some nice write-ups: Public Knowledge EFF

  • Need a Holiday? Petition for one…

    The guys & gals at Guinness would like your help in making St. Patrick’s Day a U.S. Federal Holiday. They need 1 million petition signers by midnight on March 16th. I think it’s not a bad idea to support any measure that may help give us more free time:

  • Time flies

    Well I’ve been out of the country, busy, and sick so ye olde blog here has not been getting much attention. Here are a couple of shiny things I have come across though. A fair(y) use tale – A fair-use copyright primer made mostly out of disney clips: As Yoda would say – “Begun the […]

  • A little Radio, A little NFL

    Seems like the new law that effectively makes internet radio stations pay more than their terrestrial counterparts for music has also had an ill effect on National Public Radio. NPR has now “released the hounds”: NPR fights back, seeks rehearing on Internet radio royalty increases The NFL seems to have gone a little DCMA happy, […]

  • Musharraf on Daily Show

    Here is Pakistani President Musharraf in a interview on the Daily Show. Pay special attention to Jon Stewart’s first and last questions. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: The memoir Musharraf was plugging : From the reviews I have read, the contents of the book seem a little sensational and a little more fiction that […]

  • Etc : July 6 – 13

    It’s been a little hectic at work. But here are some snippets from around the “net”. HeatSeek (link to the TechCrunch article) Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is now a secure browser (IE based) whose sole purpose it to enable you to handle porn easier. It also encrypts everything which makes it harder for junior […]

  • Net Neutrality : God Save the Internet has officially introduced us to “The BroadBand” a group of 3 singer/songwriters who have composed a song which is titled “God Save the Internet”. So head on over listen and download the song, and then take a few minutes to look through the site and tell your congressman your views on this issue. Recent […]

  • EFF : The Corruptibles

    The EFF has put together a nice little video that shows the potential effects of the RIAA & MPAA backed legislation worming its way through congress. Take a look : Then write your congressman about it : Audio Flag & Perform Legislation TV Broadcast Flag Analog Hole Legislation

  • Speak English if you want a cheesesteak

    Apparently at Geno’s in Philly, there is now a sign that reads “This is America – when ordering, speak English.” On the one hand I respect the owner’s right to put up such a sign in his own restaurant, on the other, I hope they respect my right not to buy from them while it […]

  • AT&T NSA Spying Evidence

    Wired has acquired and decided to publish the evidence that is currently under Seal in the EFF vs AT&T lawsuit. To see why they did it, please go here :,70947-0.html To see the evidence itself, please go here :,70944-0.html

  • Etc : May 5 – 12

    It’s been about a week since I’ve updated my blog, so here are a bunch of things I’ve been thinking about this week, that didn’t quite make a blog entry of their own : The RIAA/MPAA broadcast flags are once again making their rounds through congress. If you think that these flags will actually stop […]

  • Help take a stand against the RIAA madness

    The EFF is putting together a petition to take to Congress that will hopefully help stem the RIAA lawsuit rampage. If you are interested in taking a look at the Petition and/or signing it, please go to : If you are concerned about having your name shown on the internet, just check the “Do […]

  • Fight for your right to …

    The quick and easy way to write your congressional representatives. 1. Pick an issue. 2. Click. 3. FIll in your info and edit the letter as you see fit. 4. Click to submit the letter to your Senators/Representative. And you can do it here : EFF: Take Action